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All post graduate students in our group submit a short literature review and project proposal during the first year of their studies. These seminars are examined and formally presented during a public seminar presentation. Please note that all these documents are of a scholarly nature and the quality does not necessarily reflect on the quality of research that is generally conducted in our group. However, the contents of these seminars do provide a good overview of the range of research activities that we undertake.

Busari TIInvestigating the effects of municipal treated wastewater irrigation management on growth and yield parameters of madumbe (colocasia esculenta) and rice (oryza sativa l.) using anaerobic baffled reactor (abr) effluents2017-11-22
Cherono KDevelopment and optimization of an integrated postharvest management system for storage and handling of fresh market tomatoes in South African supply chains2017-08-25
Chisenga Shadrack Characterization of cassava flour and starch of the zambian cultivars and application in frozen wheat-based bread dough2017-11-08
Dirwai TLEngineering and water governance interactions in small-holder irrigation for improved water management on selected irrigation schemes in KwaZulu-natal2017-09-11
Kumirai AConvective hot air drying kinetics of mopane worm2017-04-18
Loots IThe development and assessment of a refined method to estimate design floods in a range of urban areas in South Africa2017-04-18
Mdlalose SDevelopment of a naturally ventilated solar energy assisted seed store: maintaining seed germination and vigour2017-08-04
Otim DDevelopment of updated design norms for soil and water conservation structures in the sugar industry of South Africa2017-06-01
Piliso PDesign of a model for low cost solar-powered irrigation systems in South Africa: literature review and project proposal2017-10-02
Prowse CRA review of literature on timber extraction components for alternative timber extraction on steep slopes and their suitability for smallscale timber farming in South Africa 
Aldous JAssessment of the impact of gauging weir limitations on the estimation of flood peaks and on design floods2014-08-07
Black TA review on the rooibos tea industry and thin-layer drying literature2014-08-26
Du Plessis EEvaluation and modelling of different greenhouse microclimates under south african agro-climatic conditions2014-09-17
Johnson RADevelopment of a design tool for soil conservation systems in South Africa2014-08-07
Kassim ADevelopment of an in-field integrated pre-packaging citrus treatment unit and the effects of the treatments on fruit quality2014-11-18
Lamula TZAdaptability and adoptability of soil and water con-servation practices to derive best-bet options for smallholder farmers in KwaZulu-Natal2014-09-11
Lebotsa MGDevelopment of a blancher and modified atmosphere package for stored tomatoes using low-cost evaporative cooler2014-09-18
Mafunga WAn overview of sugarcane payment systems, economics, and their influences on the length of the milling season2014-08-12
Mchunu NOptimising aquaponics production in south africa through the development of a model using local species and environmental conditions2014-11-18
Mkhathini KMThe influence of physiological maturity on physicochemical quality attributes, value addition and storage life of three processed products of peach ‘landarces’ produced at impendle, South Africa2014-08-28
Ndoro FA review of stochastic weather generators for sugarcane supply chain simulation purposes2014-04-10
Ngobese NZCharacterization of potato cultivars recently released in south africa for frozen french fries2014-10-16
Selala MSThe development of models for sustainable rehabilitation of rural small-scale water infrastructure in nebo plateau, Limpopo province, South Africa2014-08-26
Shoko CUse of remote sensing for estimating total evaporation at a catchment scale2014-04-10
Tweddle PBThe impact of infield traffic on sugarcane yields in South Africa2014-03-13
Adadzi PPhytoremediation of pit latrine waste disposal: modeling subsurface flow and ontaminant transport in the vadose zone2012-07-16
Boote DDirect energy use and carbon footprint of sugarcane production2012-07-16
Boote GA review of the cause and effect relationships within the processes of a sugar factory2012-07-16
Calitz JPDevelopment and assessment of a refined probabilistic rational method for design flood estimation in south africa2012-07-16
Clark DObject-orientation and integration for modelling water resource systems in south africa2012-07-16
Dlamini SCIntegration of biorefinery processes into the kwazulu-natal sugarcane and forestry industries2012-08-16
Gericke OJEstimation of catchment response time for improved peak discharge estimation in south africa2012-07-16
Gomo TAssessing the performance of smallholder irrigation in south africa and opportunities for deriving best management practices2012-07-16
Griffiths B In-field evaluation of irrigation system performance2012-07-16
Jiyane JPerformance of subsurface drip under deficit irrigation in vegetable production in hutton soils for semi-arid conditions2012-07-16
Jumman ADeficit irrigation: a strategy to improve profitability in sugarcane irrigation2012-07-16
Kadwa MAn overview of the impacts of supply chain fluctuations and relating those to sugarcane2012-07-16
Kassim AAn overview on the effects of postharvest handling and cyclic storage on the quality of avocados2012-07-16
Lagrange LThe development and assessment of metric measures to improve sugarcane transport in south africa2012-07-16
Macaringue DThe potential for micro-hydro power plants in mozambique2012-07-16
Mills DAutomatic short furrow irrigation2012-07-16
Moodley SA review of whole-stick sugarcane transfer systems2012-07-16
Mutenje TJThe application of radio frequency identification for the management of beef cattle2012-07-16
Nordengen PThe development of a performance-based standards approach for regulating the use of heavy vehicles in south africa2012-07-16
Pletts TA literature overview of central tyre inflation systems2012-07-16
Sambo CAssessment of the performance of small-scale water infrastructure (swi) for multiple uses in nebo plateau, sekhukhune district, south africa2012-08-30
Samkanga KUnderstanding complexity: comparisons between complex adaptive systems and the south african sugarcane supply network2012-07-16
Sanjika TAn overview of the theory of constraints and related literature2012-07-16
Shaame SImproving water productivity in irrigated rice paddies in zanzibar2012-07-16
Sibomana MA review of techniques used to depict cause and effect relationships in complex systems2012-07-16
Thipe ELComparative analysis of two greenhouse microclimates in the sub-humid climate of south africa2012-08-30
Zaake BComparative analysis of two greenhouse microclimates in the sub-humid climate of south africa2012-07-16