Energy, Food and Water Engineering (EFWE)
Research Group



Admission into our post graduate school is competitive and we select only a few top calibre candidates each year. Our group accept students with a wide range of scientific backgrounds, including engineering, agriculture, agricultural economics, hydrology, computer science, applied mathematics and statistics. We offer the following post graduate qualifications:

  • Post doctoral opportunities are available in all our focus research areas.
  • PhD in Engineering
  • PhD in Bioresources Systems
  • MScEng
  • MSc in Bioresources Systems

We do not offer course work post graduate studies and all studies are strictly by research. We pursue contract research and offer fully funded opportunities for students who are willing to work on specific topics. Alternatively, self-funded and externally funded students also conduct their research under the guidance of our academics, but the research must fall within the scope and interests of the group. Over the past two to three decades our group has graduated a wide range of students from almost all parts of the world, but especially from Africa.

How to apply

Professor Carel Bezuidenhout is the post graduate coordinator in the group and will be your first contact point. In order to avoid any confusion, please include him in any correspondence with anybody in our group. It is essential that we obtain the correct information to evaluate an application and potentially match the candidate with the best project and / or supervisor. Also please note:

  • Candidates will need to show that they have maintained a good academic track record from a reputable university.

  • We normally only entertain applications if students maintained an academic mark of at least 60% during their undergraduate studies.

  • If we are uncertain of the institute where you completed your undergraduate studies we may require SAQA certification of your qualifications.

If you are an eligible candidate based on the criteria spelled out above then please forward the following information electronically to Professor Bezuidenhout (email address below)

  • Your CV

  • A short motivation (1 page) why you are interested in further studies and why in particular through our group

  • Transcripts of your academic records.

Please DO NOT email copies of your degree certificates, letters of recommendation or scanned identity and passport pages. 

Once your application has been received it will be processed. This may take a couple of weeks and if you did not receive feedback after two weeks then please prompt us for a reply. All communication and documents received from applicants are kept on file for at least one year.

Please correspond with Professor Workneh at the following email address: