Energy, Food and Water Engineering (EFWE)
Research Group



The Discipline of Bioresources Engineering, situated on the picturesque Pietermaritzburg campus, enjoys an international reputation for teaching and research. We have been educating Bioresources Engineers for many years, and our graduates, who readily find jobs in all sectors of the economy, are internationally competitive and are our best advertisements. 

We combine the fundamental elements of engineering with a range of other disciplines, such as Hydrology, Soil, Animal, Food and Crop sciences. The university hosts a range of specialist laboratories and a closely located research farm, which is home to world renown experiments.

Undergraduate Research Projects

Undergraduates in the discipline of Bioresources / Agricultural Engineering are required to complete a research and design project in their final year. Many of these students pursue post graduate research projects, often aligned with their final year project. The links below contain summaries of past final year design projects in the group.