Energy, Food and Water Engineering (EFWE)
Research Group

Food Process and Postharvest Engineering

Food processing industry is one of the sectors with rapid development in the African continent. To support this rapidly growing industry our research group is currently focusing on research related to a multi disciplinary areas of Food Process Engineering, development of Food Preservation Techniques including for small scale food processors, renewable energy utilization in food processing and preservation and air conditioning engineering for biological commodities. Our food process engineering laboratory is equipped with the most recent processing and storage equipment as well as analytical instruments. Our current research topics include: 

  • Engineering properties of biological materials
  • Development of agricultural processing machinery
  • Cooling technologies for product storage and transportation
  • Innovative food processing and packaging technologies
  • Modelling of mass and heat transfer in agricultural products
  • Modelling of food systems
  • Mass and energy balances in agro-processing
  • Food process simulation and optimization
  • Agricultural product quality assessments and safety engineering
  • Solar energy in agro-processing and food preservation
  • Wind and hydro-energy
  • Anaerobic digestion of biomass from plant origins and animal waste for use in home scale food processing
  • Sustainable biomass-to-energy conversion systems
  • Energy efficiency in agro-processing
  • Air conditioning for biological commodities micro-environments