We often welcome national and international visitors in our group. 


We extend an open invitation to research professors who are on sabbatical and who wish to work closely with specialists in our group. Our group has a range of resources and equipment available and we encourage collaboration. Among the our resources are the following:

  • Texture analysers
  • Colour meters
  • Visco meters
  • A precision environmental control unit
  • Evaporative cooling systems
  • Laboratory pasteurisers
  • Heat pumps and storage units
  • A cold room
  • A green house
  • A tractor performance testing platform
  • A fully equipped technical workshop
  • Electronics and mechanical technicians
  • A precision agriculture experimentation platform

In addition to the list above, we also provide access to the following general resources:

  • GIS Software
  • Advanced library and literature search engines
  • Standard statistical packages (e.g. SAS, GenStat, SPSS)
  • Seminar and international conferencing facilities


Our group welcomes students who wish to do internships or who want to participate in exchange programmes. 


For more information please contact:


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