EFWERG-2020-Postgraduat Project Booklet

Welcome to the Energy, Food and Water Engineering Research Group

The Agricultural / Bioresources Engineering degree offered by the University of KwaZulu-Natal is accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and the University of KwaZulu-Natal is the only university in the country that offers this qualification. The university hosts a range of specialist laboratories and a closely located research farm, which is home to world renown experiments. Agricultural / Bioresources Engineering is a recognized scarce skill and graduates do not experience difficulty to find employment in a range of exciting careers that include (among others): Bio-Energy, Irrigation, Food Production, Engineering Consulting, Water Engineering, Transport and Mechanization.

Our classes are generally small and quite cosmopolitan. Most of our lecturers have a PhD qualification, often from an international university, and the full curriculum and quality of delivery is rigorously reviewed by the Engineering Council of South Africa every four years. We have strong connections with international institutes ranging from the USA, Australia and to other countries in Africa, and we regularly host international academics and students on our campus. Likewise, our own students often also visit our international partners. For more information concerning our undergraduate degree programme, please click here... 

We have a commendable post graduate student complement and many students remain in our group to study up to a PhD or even post doctoral level. Because of the scarcity of qualified engineers in South Africa, a large proportion of our students are recipients of bursaries.

The African Energy, Food & Water Engineering Research Group is the largest and most influential group of its kind on the continent. Our group forms part of the School of Engineering of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermarizburg, South Africa. The group of Professors, Lecturers, Post Doctoral, PhD and Masters degree students contribute to the development of Engineering and Science research in three main areas:

Energy and Supply chains in Biomass Production and Processing Systems

Irrigation, Soil & Water Engineering

Food Process and Postharvest Engineering

Our group comprise, among others, specialists in engineering (mainly agricultural / bioresources engineering), hydrology, microbiology, agricultural economics, agribusiness, applied mathematics and computer science.

Our group is based on a special campus in Pietermaritzburg dedicated to environmental and life sciences education and research. We combine the fundamental elements of engineering with a range of other disciplines, such as Hydrology, Soil, Animal, Food and Crop sciences. The university hosts a range of specialist laboratories and a closely located research farm, which is home to world renown experiments.

Agricultural Engineering in other languages: landbou-ingeneurswese, landtechnik, génie agricole, engenharia agrícola

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